Temperature, humidity, cleanliness, freshness, odors and noise are all aspects of Indoor Air Quality that impact people, processes and productivity. Hunton Trane experts can help you create the best possible Indoor Air Quality in your facility.

Trane Catalytic Air Cleaning System

Equipping your air handler with a Trane Catalytic Air Cleaning System (TCACS) can help reduce biological organisms such as spores, bacteria, and even the tiniest viruses.

It can also reduce irritating odors fromorganic compounds such as fumes frompaint, glue and cleaning chemicals, and capture airborne particulates like dust and mold.

Trane CDQTM Desiccant Dehumidification

Trane CDQ wheel breaks the dew point barrier with an innovative new technology for the surgical suites and other hospital areas.

  • 20% – 300% improvement in dehumidification
  • 5°F – 15°F lower dew point
  • 20% – 80% reduction in reheating and cooling energy

ConSERVTM High Efficiency Energy Recovery System (ERV)

  • Best of both worlds – effectiveness of a wheel with the simplicity of a fixed plate
  • Fixed plate energy exchanger transfers both sensible and latent independently
  • Up to 30% savings on heating/cooling energy costs

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions – The Science of Clean Air

Dynamic Air Cleaners achieve MERV 13-16+ performance that clears the air of dangerous ultrafine particles and biologicals, reduces VOC’s and odors, and accomplishes this at a third of the operational cost of conventional passive filter alternatives.

Dynamic’s solutions also offer several ways to save energy by reducing static pressure, reducing fan energy and reducing outside air.