Building Automation Systems



Buildings today require smarter and better technology that makes it easier for you to more efficiently manage your buildings. Our technology provides an intuitive, mobile platform that gives you the power and flexibility to manage your buildings more efficiently, reducing cost, and providing a better indoor environment and smaller environmental footprint.

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Tracer™ controls provide the technology platform for the next generation of data-driven, technology-enabled services that are helping to create high performance buildings.

At Trane, we consider it all. We partner with our clients to understand how energy effects their business, taking into consideration their assets, vision and goals. We help navigate energy purchasing strategies, energy sourcing, storage, consumption, and optimize overall grid network efficiency. We do this with over a 100 years of buildings and energy experience, cutting edge technology, and dedicated people to help advise and see it through to results.

Whether it’s to increase capacity, be more sustainable, improve comfort, or reduce risk and volatility. We’ll help make buildings better – for the people who occupy them and the organizations that thrive in them.

Building controls have a bigger job description than they did a few years ago. It’s no longer enough to control heating and cooling. Sophisticated buildings require smarter technology that will carry into the future. Trane® Tracer® controls provide the technology platform for the next generation of data-driven, technology-enabled services that are creating high-performance buildings. From sensors to equipment controls to industry-leading building automation systems, Trane offers a complete controls portfolio that enables you to operate your buildings for your business needs balanced with peak energy efficiency.

  • Trane controls are built on a platform that supports open standards so you can integrate with existing equipment, regardless of brand.
    Easily expand into other building systems and additional structures with our smart building framework.
  • Trane solutions allow you to enjoy 24/7 control and optimization to support your business needs, helping you reduce costs and improve the reliability of your system from anywhere you use mobile devices.
  • With over 13,000 Trane employees reside across every state and province of North America, no matter where you do business, we’re never far away.
  • Trane provides OEM-level expertise for fundamental HVAC systems, acting as the backbone for your energy systems integration.
  • With intelligent services, we go beyond the data with best-in-class 24/7 system analytics, an expert-staffed operations center, and remote diagnosis and correction, you can rest assured we’re the best solution for your building automation anytime you need us.

Building Controls & Automation Portfolio

  • Enterprise, Building, System, Equipment and Unit Controls
  • Wireless Communication
  • Energy Systems Integration Solutions
  • Intelligent Services
  • Trane® Tenant Services™ and Work Order Management

In addition to Trane building controls and automation systems, the Hunton Group also delivers Advanced Building Systems Integration and Connected Real Estate Solutions by converging all building systems technologies into one common network controlled from a common point.

For further controls and building integration information, please contact your Hunton Trane sales engineer at 713-266-3900.

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