and Evaluations

We’ll examine and provide relevant data in areas that influence indoor environmental qualities.

Financial Analysis

Systems Analyzer™ Software

Hunton Trane understands that economics usually drive the mechanical solutions decision. With Trane’s proprietary software, we can not only assist in design and load analysis, but also in calculating the payback and ROI of each potential mechanical solution, making it easier to develop the very best mechanical and financial solution for your project.

Chiller Bid Form

One method for ensuring that the engineer and owner obtain the best efficiency for a project is the utilization of the Chiller Bid Form, which analyzes competitive selections.

The Chiller Bid Form allows an owner to select the chiller performance that best suits his financial requirements based on first cost and payback. It provides the owner with an opportunity to lower his utility bills for the full life of the chillers. Since the cost-to-efficiency ratio is usually not linear, many times additional chiller efficiency can be obtained with very little added cost.

To make this even more beneficial, power distributors, such as CenterPoint and Entergy, will provide rebates based on efficiency improvements for chiller efficiencies greater than the minimum standard as listed in ASHRAE 90.1. View Sample Chiller Bid Form

Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing is done by most U.S. corporations, including 80% of the Fortune 100. Leasing allows you to keep your valuable capital working for you in your business, and is available from Hunton Trane.