Our training classes, Trane Engineers Newsletter Live series or continuing education courses are taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors and address a variety of topics such as general air conditioning, controls, building automation and system design. We offer on-site classroom training as well as interactive courses suited to a wide range of skills and expertise, from maintenance technicians through systems designers and engineers.


Trane offers a wealth of educational opportunities and resources for engineers, designers, contractors, technicians, engineering students and professors. Below you will find articles such as the Trane Engineers Newsletter to application manuals or training classes, and in-depth information on numerous topics from basic HVAC design and operation, to controls.


2021 Virtual ENL Trane Training Schedule

Trane Engineers Newsletters are topical, informative articles that provide engineering professionals who design HVAC systems with reliable, objective, and technologically current information in a non-commercial format. For older ENLs, go to Trane’s Education Center.

    When designed using today’s industry guidance, chilled water systems provide building owners and operators with flexibility to meet first cost and efficiency objectives, simplify maintenance and operation, and exceed energy code minimum requirements. Design principles that right-size equipment and minimize system power draw are inherently simpler to control, and lead to high efficiency and reduced utility costs. YouTube link of presentation
  • ASHRAE STANDARD 62.1-2019 – May 18, 2021 at 10:00 AM  (register here) and May 26 at 1:00 PM (register here)
    The 2019 version of ASHRAE Standard 62.1, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, was published in late 2019. This ENL will overview the standard, discuss several key changes implemented in the 2019 version, explain the three allowed procedures for determining ventilation airflows (Ventilation Rate Procedure, IAQ Procedure, and Natural Ventilation Procedure), and walk-through calculation steps using an example office building.
  • AIR CLEANING TECHNOLOGIES FOR INDOOR AIR QUALITY (IEQ) – September 23 at 10:00 AM (registration here)
    The COVID-19 pandemic has renewed focus on indoor environmental quality (IEQ), air quality, and air cleaning technologies. This ENL will discuss the which constitute IEQ with a focus on air quality before and during the pandemic. A thorough review of common air cleaning technologies will be presented, with emphasis on viral mitigation.
  • ASHRAE STANDARD 15 UPDATES – November 10, 2021 (registration coming)
    In this ENL we will cover the recent updates made to ASHRAE Standard 15 regarding next generation 2L refrigerants and safe equipment operation as well as the safety classification changes to Standard 34. Learn about the panelists’ research, findings and experiences in augmenting technologies to meet today’s environmental cleanliness concerns currently deployed in schools, hospitals and government facilities. Gain an understanding of the different technologies and solutions available for cleaner building operation.

2021 Trane A/C Clinic – September 1 – November 3

The 2021 Trane A/C Clinic is a 10-week basic course, every Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 PM, in air conditioning theory and practice. The course is for anyone new to the industry, active in air conditioning, or someone who’s never had formal instruction in the basic principles, and it’s a good refresher course for service managers and supervisory personnel, too. Cost is $350.00 per person which includes training materials and a meal. Registration a payment is online (see flyer), 40 person limit. Please email Sarah Holbrook ( if you have any questions. Download flyer here for registration and schedule.


Trane Instructor-Led Trainings

Explore all Trane instructor-led onsite and virtual training from our technical service factory training to classes on our custom design & analysis software to training at your local sales office. INFORMATION HERE.


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Discover all Trane has to offer from free LEED continuing education to scholarly articles to videos and more. INFORMATION HERE.


Trane Design and Analysis Tools Training (Building Systems and Controls)

Design, analysis and system selection are critical elements of high performance building design. Trane C.D.S. software helps you save time, improve accuracy and find cost savings in your computer-aided design work.


We provide hands-on, instructor-led training on TRACE™ 700 and TRACE 3D Plus™ software several times per year at our La Crosse, Wis., training facility. We can also provide on-site training at your facility upon request. INFORMATION HERE.