Our goal is to provide training that supports the career and business goals of our customers, and prepares today's professionals for tomorrow's challenges.


Trane offers a wealth of educational opportunities and resources for engineers, designers, contractors, technicians, engineering students and professors. Below you will find articles such as the Trane Engineers Newsletter to application manuals or training classes, and in-depth information on numerous topics from basic HVAC design and operation, to controls.

Our training classes, Trane Engineers Newsletter Live series or continuing education courses are taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors and address a variety of topics such as general air conditioning, controls, building automation and system design. We offer on-site classroom training as well as interactive courses suited to a wide range of skills and expertise, from maintenance technicians through systems designers and engineers. Information here.



We are committed to supporting our industry with a continually improving educational programs and current topics. Our goal is to provide training that supports the career and business goals of our customers, and prepares today’s professionals for tomorrow’s challenges.



Boxed Lunch: 11:00 – 11:30 AM
ENL: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Located in our Westpark Training Room

  • Wednesday, March 25 – POSTPONED, NEW DATE TBD
    Impact of DOAS Dew Point on Space Humidity
    Dedicated outdoor-air systems (DOAS) are used in a variety of building types to provide ventilation; and when the outdoor air is dehumidified, a DOAS can help prevent high space humidity levels. But many of the systems designed and installed today are not dehumidifying adequately. This ENL will demonstrate how space humidity levels are affected by the DOAS discharge-air conditions, at both full load and part load.
  • Wednesday, May 13
    Indoor Agriculture: HVAC System Design Considerations (Free Event – Registration Coming Soon)
    Growing plants indoors has gained in popularity, but conditioning spaces for plants instead of humans introduces new challenges. This ENL will discuss plants, the dehumidification challenges they pose, and how precision cooling for indoor agriculture is different compared to comfort cooling. The ENL will also discuss common air- and waterside system configurations used to maintain space conditions to ensure a healthy crop.
  • Wednesday, October 14
    Applying VRF for a Complete Building Solution (Free Event – Registration Coming Soon)
    In this Engineers Newsletter Live program, we’ll build upon the 2014 broadcast “Applying Variable Refrigerant Flow” with detailed discussions on several considerations. Topics will include: when to use heat recovery instead of heat pump configurations, how to scale VRF systems to include other building systems, ventilation delivery, humidity management and more.
  • Wednesday, November 11
    Electrification (Decarbonization) (Free Event – Registration Coming Soon)
    Many municipalities throughout the United States are taking action to reduce their carbon emissions. One of the tactics they are using that effects the HVAC industry is the reduction, or removal, of natural gas for heating. This means our Industry will face the challenge of heating our buildings with electric heat. This ENL will cover the motivation to electrify, areas currently effected by this trend, and potential systems to meet electrification needs.

Fulfills continuing education requirements for AIA members, LEED, and PE professionals. Certificate will be given at the end of the training session.

2020 AC CLINIC – Fall Dates at TBD

The 2020 Trane A/C Clinic is a 10-week basic course, every Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 PM, in air conditioning theory and practice. The course is for anyone new to the industry, active in air conditioning, or someone who’s never had formal instruction in the basic principles, and it’s a good refresher course for service managers and supervisory personnel, too. Cost is $350.00 per person. Please email Leslie Hendrex ( for more information. Registration for 2020 will open in late summer 2020.



Trane offers factory training for commercial systems service, maintenance and operation.  These courses are designed to increase technician competence and confidence when servicing newer systems and controls. Our courses take place in a controlled laboratory environment, complete with fully operational Trane HVAC Systems, providing the ideal setting for the hands-on approach used in Trane Service Courses. Information here.



Building System and Controls training offers a comprehensive portfolio of technical courses to help you effectively monitor and coordinate your HVAC equipment and systems using your Trane building automation system. Information here.