Hunton Trane works with architects, engineers, contractors and owners throughout the project development process to develop sound ideas and concepts that deliver value and drive it throughout the lifecycle of the facility, resulting in long-term, sustainable benefits.

Design and Support for Building Owners

With the number of tenant demands and maintenance issues in commercial buildings, owners routinely face a myriad of challenges just to keep things operating smoothly – much less extending the life and value of the asset.

So when it comes to HVAC equipment, Hunton Trane strives to be an integral partner with building owners to ensure the best long-life equipment is in the right place and operating properly – and at its maximum efficiency.

In addition to new construction, Hunton Trane specializes in replacement of existing air handlers and chillers. We are known to produce near-miracles designing retrofit solutions that take unique situations into account, placing equipment in tight spaces, and ensuring all equipment is shipped to fit through elevator doors and mechanical room doors.

We take building owner needs into consideration as we:

  • Provide accurate engineering design that meets all building and energy code specifications
  • Conduct acoustical analyses to ensure a comfortable environment for tenants
  • Consider energy bills and consumption when selecting equipment, making sure the building operates at peak efficiency
  • Find the best use for your capital dollars based on real data
  • Provide/coordinate service, maintenance and start-up in most regions
  • Adhere to budget and time constraints with our dedicated project management teams

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