Trane: Your Partner in Resilience

June 3, 2020

There’s an old saying that adversity is a great teacher. If that’s the case, the current situation is certainly doing a lot of teaching, and we’re all doing our fair share of learning. It’s testing our mettle as individuals and as organizations. It’s challenging us and pushing our limits in ways we couldn’t have possibly imagined 6 months ago. But in many ways, it’s also taking us to new heights.

We have seen our customers challenged like never before, and each of us at Trane® truly values the important, personal one-to-one relationships that comprise our business. Supporting those relationships through quick and fast delivery has been our focus, 24/7.

“Navigating the crisis has forced us to forego the inter-personal contact that we so enjoy as part of our customer relationships,” said Matt Barga, General Manager of Trane Rental Services. “Our Trane Connected capabilities, which are particularly well-integrated with our equipment, have enabled our technicians to remotely connect and modify building settings – all without ever stepping foot inside a customer’s building. For customers who are less-connected, we have leveraged other technology, including audio and video calls, to get them the support they need.”

We would like to share some of our partnering success stories, to remind you that you can count on us — whether you are facing a similar challenge or asking us to resolve something even more difficult.

Front line, we’ve got your back.

As the front line in the healthcare battle, some hospitals have been stretched like never before. We’re seeing many instances of Trane teams around the country mobilizing quickly to partner with hospitals to help them adapt and respond to urgent needs. We have helped several temporary hospitals and test facilities adjust their HVAC systems to [FB1] create negative pressure and provide supplemental capacity enabling them to continue safely serving patients.

Here are some examples:
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