Trane Quarterly Innovation Release

July 6, 2021


New Trane Offerings Help Cut Energy Costs, Increase Sustainability and Optimize Building IEQ

Davidson, N.C., June 28, 2021 – Trane® – by Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), a global climate innovator – is launching new offerings to help customers meet energy efficiency, sustainability and indoor air quality goals as part of its Wellsphere™ holistic approach to indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

“Trane’s holistic approach to building wellness helps our customers optimize IEQ in their buildings while increasing energy efficiency and sustainability,” said Manlio Valdes, vice president, Trane product management.  “Our customers have told us that they need innovative new ways to address IEQ challenges, especially hassle-free solutions that are easy to install and simple and affordable to maintain. Trane’s new offerings address that need, often while meeting or surpassing the performance of current industry-leading solutions.”

Axiom™ Vertical Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) (0.5-6 Ton):

Trane has redesigned the vertical models in its Axiom WSHP product line for improved energy efficiency, acoustic performance and serviceability. The new vertical WSHP combines ultra-high energy efficiency, sound attenuation, integrated controls and superior maintenance accessibility that makes it an attractive comfort management solution for building owners, contractors and end-users. With a small-space footprint, these models offer an ideal comfort management solution — especially for tight-space environments — in offices, schools and multi-family residential buildings. Enhancements include front access for all routine maintenance for improved installation and serviceability. The models also offer super-efficient full load energy efficiency ratio (EER) and coefficient of performance (COP) at all energy efficiency tiers to help qualify for utility rebates and provide savings to the customer both in first cost and operating costs The Axiom Vertical WSHP delivers significant carbon-reducing energy efficiency and quiet, reliable comfort.

Medium Foundation® Rooftop Units (7.5, 8.5, 10 and 12.5 Tons)

With the addition of four new mid-size tonnages to its 3 – 25 Ton Foundation rooftop product line, Trane now offers one of the industry’s broadest range of light commercial rooftop solutions. The new medium Foundation features a footprint specifically designed for immediate like-for-like replacement. Now midsize competitor model retrofits require less time on the roof and less upfront expense as the additional cost of a curb adapter is not required. No matter the size or capacity requirement, the small, new medium or large Foundation unit offers the price-conscious business owner, contractor or facility manager easy plug-and-play installations and that same Trane reliability for a variety of small building applications.

VariTrane® Single Duct Variable-Air-Volume (VAV) Units

Trane redesigned its VariTrane Single Duct VAV unit to significantly improve acoustical performance and deliver superior energy efficiency while meeting the specific needs of today’s demanding indoor air quality (IAQ) requirements. At least two times more efficient than any similar industry offerings, these units offer the industry’s lowest certified air leakage rate1. Designed for easy installation and simplified start-up, the VariTrane Single Duct VAV unit offers low-sound levels that meet or surpass those of other industry offerings. Engineers and contractors can opt to equip their units with the industry’s only factory-mounted and commissioned controls available on single-duct VAV units. Factory commissioning can generate significant cost reduction by saving as much as 30 minutes per unit during startup.

Mixed Air Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) Unit

The Trane Mixed Air DOAS unit brings in up to 100 percent fresh air to improve IAQ and help facilitate healthier building spaces. An ideal cost-effective solution to meet basic IAQ needs, this solution meets the ventilation requirements specified in ASHRAE® 62.1. Its energy-saving efficiency meets minimum EER and integrated energy efficiency ratio (IEER) standards and complies with ASHRAE 90.1. This unit can work as a standalone system or can easily be integrated with a variety of other heating, ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) solutions.

Tracer® Ensemble® Cloud and Pivot® Smart Thermostat Integration

Ensemble® Cloud, Trane’s industry-leading building management system, now integrates with the Trane Pivot® smart thermostat system to offer one of the industry’s first enterprise management systems designed for light commercial buildings. This integration helps building owners and managers gain cost-effective enterprise control of their facilities, giving them a complete view of their building assets. Ensemble dashboards and reporting help customers to become more conscious of the energy they are using while scheduling and alarm management allows them to manage this energy more efficiently.

Symbio® Equipment Controls

Symbio, Trane’s portfolio of industry-leading factory-mounted equipment controllers, designed to improve the customer experience throughout the equipment life cycle, will launch later this summer on Agility® Centrifugal Water-Cooled Chillers and on multiple other systems in coming months. Symbio equipment controllers offer secure remote connectivity, wireless building communications, and integration via open standard protocols to provide a wide range of enhanced monitoring and advanced interfaces to HVAC equipment. The Symbio controller is currently available today on the IntelliPak®.



New Trane Offerings Help Cut Energy Costs and Increase Building Efficiency

Davidson, N.C., March 16, 2021 – Trane® – by Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), a global climate innovator – is launching a number of new offerings to support customer demand, help address energy use and building efficiency while meeting stricter local and national regulations. The showcased solutions are designed to address carbon emissions and energy use through heat recovery and simultaneous cooling and heating.

“Trane takes a holistic approach to innovation by working closely with customers to help meet both their current and future needs — whether regulatory requirements, building electrification demands or greater sustainability,” said Manlio Valdes, vice president, Trane product management. “Each new offering supports a customer need as well as our commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of our customers by one gigaton by 2030.”

In addition to the new solutions available this quarter, Trane continues to innovate and enhance building management and automation systems that make it easier to manage buildings and energy use through integrated, easy to use systems.

Precedent® Hybrid Dual Fuel Heat Pumps for Light Commercial Applications:

Lower carbon emissions and energy use with Trane® Precedent® Hybrid Dual Fuel light commercial heat pump rooftop units. Traditional gas heating geographies can now enjoy the benefits of hybrid technology. With adjustable auxiliary heating setpoint, the electric heat pump serves as the primary heating source while natural gas is activated only on an as needed basis. As customers shift to building electrification, Trane Precedent 3 – 10 Ton dual fuel heat pumps offer a viable replacement solution to natural gas while increasing energy efficiency and address carbon emissions. These units are available for quick delivery and installation in new construction or retrofit applications.

Trane ® Connected Service for VRF:

Trane Connected Service for VRF helps reduce maintenance costs and increase peace of mind through system monitoring. One of the first offerings of its kind for VRF equipment, the agreement represents the first connected service offering for Trane. Trane Connected Service for VRF, which requires combining Trane / Mitsubishi Electric VRF equipment with a Trane Tracer® SC+ Building Automation System, enables automated remote inspections powered by proprietary analytics through Trane Connect™. The service agreement combines proactive remote check-ins and onsite scheduled maintenance to give building owners and facilities managers better control over their budget and their building.

This solution can help customers overcome the challenges of a lean maintenance staff or expertise deficiencies. It is ideal for applications in multiple markets including commercial real estate, hotels, multi-family high-rise, education, and assisted living/healthcare. Customers without connectivity, can upgrade to Tracer SC+ to access the benefit of the Connected Service for VRF offering.

Trane Cold Generator™ Scroll Chiller CICD Compact Series (20-85 Tons):

The Trane Cold Generator™ Scroll Chiller CICD Compact Series provides reliable, cost-effective performance, and optimized capacity from a compact, modular unit with an overall footprint that is 27 percent smaller than similar products. It also features a heat recovery option. Contractors and engineers can select this solution to operate one chiller or integrate multiple units to right-size capacity for adequate cooling and redundancy. It is ideal for small or unusually shaped mechanical room configurations that pose a unique challenge for chiller retrofit and renovation projects. The modular aspect enables updating future chiller capacity if needed.

Motorized Impeller Fan Array:

The new Trane Motorized Impeller Fan Array offers a small footprint that simplifies installations in older buildings or other locations featuring very small door openings. The systems’ redundancy helps to ensure ongoing performance should one fan in the array need troubleshooting. The easy-to-maintain fan is small enough to fit through double doors, simplifying set up and reducing installation costs. The array, which supports up to 15 fans, ensures a consistent airflow while multiple motors enable a smaller electrical load. Fan assembly motor and the inverter both come as “plug and play” components.

Upgrade to Tracer® SC+:

Building owners and facilities managers can upgrade their current building automation system to Trane Tracer SC+ to gain better control over occupant comfort and energy efficiency. Tracer SC+ also allows for better lifecycle management of systems, remote access, increased productivity, and the easy-to-use Synchrony interface, helping customers realize savings in energy costs as well as operational costs.

Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric P Series Now Co-Branded:

Mitsubishi VRF P-Series product line is now co-branded. This update follows a 2018 joint venture introducing Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US LLC as a leading US provider of ductless and VRF systems. The P Series portfolio provides efficient solutions for comfort, flexibility and reliability for light commercial applications.

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