Connecting people and buildings so you can work the way you want to.

August 20, 2020

Give your tenants more control over the spaces they occupy. Establish easier, more automated work order processes. Manage more within your building management system.

Other facility management solutions stand-alone, detached from HVAC, lighting, security, and other building technologies. Trane® Tenant Services™ and Work Order Management integrate seamlessly with your building automation system (BAS). It’s an innovative, connected solution that helps everyone collaborate easier and work more productively.

Available for network installation or as a cloud-based service.

Trane® Tenant Services™, an optional feature of Tracer® Ensemble® or Tracer® Synchrony®

Building use has become far more dynamic, and it’s time for technology to catch up. Why operate energy-consuming systems when no one is there? Why not empower occupants to run systems when they need them, and track and charge for the energy cost? The Trane Tenant Services empowers you to change. More information go to

  • Gives tenants direct, 24-hour comfort control in specific building areas
  • Ties tenant requests directly to building controls for enhanced energy management
  • Serves as a scheduling tool for buildings with fluctuating occupancy
  • Tracks and bills for after-hours building and energy use

Trane® Work Order Management, an optional feature of Tracer® Ensemble®

Most work order management software does little to help you address maintenance more proactively. Ours is the exception. Trane Work Order Management collects corrective and preventive work orders and makes them easy to schedule, prioritize and track…all within the familiar Tracer Ensemble interface.

  • Gives tenants a convenient PC or web-based tool to enter requests
  • Provides an easy admin interface for assigning tasks and tracking progress
  • Generates work orders automatically from BAS alarms
  • Tracks equipment run time in dashboards for use-based maintenance
  • Simplifies setup: Anything in the BAS—systems, equipment, users and more—is automatically discovered and normalized.